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Find a number. Get connected. Record your call.


GMCR is a directory enquiry service with a call connection and recording option for the UK’s largest companies.

Is your time precious? Our directory saves you time.

You can find the companies direct telephone number or get connected with an option to record your call.

More and more companies and organisations are now hiding their phone numbers and making their customers and clients go through a frustrating number of online questions before revealing a phone number. This is because online support is far cheaper for them to manage. As a result, online help is a preferred form of support.

 Our aim is to eliminate that problem by offering a directory enquiry service to supply the companies direct telephone number along with an optional call connection and recording service. Online support is great but sometimes you may just want to speak to a human and get things sorted quickly. Time is important to people! If you value your time then you will love our service.

Calls to our service are charged at a flat rate of £6 plus your phone company’s access charge.